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This article is from the IPSSA Association

Everyone enjoys a swim in the backyard pool or spa to relax after a hard day or to cool off on a hot one. But, not everyone who owns a pool or spa likes to do all the things necessary to keep it clean and healthy -- tasks like cleaning the filter, scrubbing the tile and walls, raking out the leaves and debris, testing and chemically treating the water for safe and comfortable swimming and making certain that all the equipment is in good working order.

However, there are professionals such as members of the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association (IPSSA) who will take care of all these things for you, and more. They are specially trained pool service technicians who will provide you near freedom from caring for your pool or spa while they do all the work. How much service is needed depends on how much your pool is used, and depends on the nearby environment conditions (trees that shed, windy desert sand, etc.).

To draw a sharp distinction between the knowledge and skill required of these professionals versus a neighborhood kid you hire to throw in some chemicals now and then, IPSSA members are encouraged to be licensed and certified (as required in their particular state or county).

A Always Clean Pool Service is a certified member of the IPSSA