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"A Always Clean Pool Service is the pool company that we choose to do our business with as they provide prompt attention to our properties. We appreciate the knowledge they provide and their flexibility in assisting our company needs. It has been a pleasure doing business with them and we look forward to their continued service." Janan Palmer
Property Manager
RE/MAX Professionals Property Mgmt

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Our Services

The Valley of the Sun is full of pools! And with pool ownership is the responsibility of keeping them maintained, clean and safe. Some pool owners do a great job of caring for their own pools. However, many pool owners are too busy and don’t want to worry about chemicals, equipment failure and an overabundance of algae in the summer months.

It is our job at A Always Clean Pool Service to keep your pool water clean and properly chemically balanced. You never have to carry water samples all over town or buy pounds of chemicals you don’t really know how to use. Our staff will take care of all the details.

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Weekly Services – What We Do:

  1. Net the surface and the bottom of the pool for large debris.
  2. Brush the sides, steps and bottom.
  3. Check the water level, automatic vacuum cleaners or pop-up cleaning systems for normal operation.
  4. Test the water chlorine and pH levels (weekly) and periodically test the water hardness and cyanuric acid (stabilizer)
  5. Add chlorine and muriatic acid to maintain recommended safe levels.  We use chlorine tabs and dry shock.
  6. Empty the skimmer basket(s) and pump basket(s)
  7. Check pressure on the filter, backwash if required or notify customers of required cleaning of filter.
  8. Check timer operation.  Set pool timer to run during off peak hours during the summer and the winter.
  9. Spot check equipment for problems and make notations to notify supervisor.
  10. Sign in on service record card (usually kept in the pump timer box) the date and time. You will always know when we have been there!

We offer a high grade of service for competitive, reasonable prices. Count on us do the work and keep your pool running smoothly!

A Always Clean Pool Service is APS and SRP Certified.

Get a rebate of up to $200 on energy-efficient pool equipment with the SRP Energy-Efficient Pools Program.

As your home's No. 2 energy user, your pool pump could cost you up to $560 annually to operate. You can reduce this expense by more than half with a variable-speed pool pump. Even if you're not in the market for a pool pump, you can still save nearly $60 annually by installing a seasonal timer. This device automatically adjusts the amount of time your pool pump operates based on the season. More info here.

To help you save energy, APS and SRP is now offering instant rebates up to $200 on new qualifying energy efficient pool pumps and seasonal timers installed by A Always Clean Pool Service and Repair LLC .More info here.


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