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The Valley of the Sun is full of pools! And with pool ownership is the responsibility of keeping them maintained, clean and safe. Some pool owners do a great job of caring for their own pools. However, many pool owners are too busy and don’t want to worry about chemicals, equipment failure and an overabundance of algae in the summer months.

It is our job at A Always Clean Pool Service to keep your pool water clean and properly chemically balanced. You never have to carry water samples all over town or buy pounds of chemicals you don’t really know how to use. Our staff will take care of all the details.



Hassle Free, Reliable Services with NO Contracts!

• Weekly cleaning services starting at $120.00, per month

• Chemical only service starting at $65.00 per month

Basic Chemicals, Chlorine and acid included, all others are extra!  

Repairs and Maintenance

  • Equipment, electrical and plumbing repairs
  • Salt Chlorinating systems
  • Pool heaters, gas, electric heat pump or solar
  • Hand Rail installations
  • Pool automation
  • Pool lights
  • Filter cleaning, cartridge and DE
  • Filter sand change
  • Chlorine and Acid Washes
  • Tile Cleaning